Convert an Image into a Different format - PNG to BMP

    Converting an image into different formats like PNG to BMP is pretty easy nowadays. You do not need to go through long steps and procedures using advanced apps and tools. Finding the best image converter may even be challenging. There are so many tools and websites available for converting photos. Choosing the best tool can be difficult. 

    You probably don't have time to review each tool separately. Additionally, your device may lack adequate storage to install apps and test their functionality. Use a PNG file to BMP converter, if your project's deadline is approaching and you need an instant file conversion.

    Nowadays, many online tools have been introduced that you can use for many types of conversions. However, for quick and easy conversion, you need a reliable tool. But how can you get the tool which is free to use and make a quick conversion? No need to go elsewhere because we have brought you an amazing tool that is free and has a friendly UI. Now convert unlimited PNG images into BMP format with this PNG image to BMP file converter. 

    What is the PNG file format?

    Portable network graphics is what PNG stands for. Because it offers lossless file compression, it is a raster-graphic file format. Because it supports transparency, this file format is frequently used for internet graphics.PNG format is compatible with both 8 bits and 24 bits of colour, just like GIF and JPG.

    What is the BMP file format?

    Bmp files contain bitmap images. On the other hand, bitmap files only let you store bitmap images. Additionally, it is a common picture file format that was first employed in computer graphics to display images. Images, videos, animated files, and gifs can all be found in this file format.

    PNG to BMP converter

    Do you constantly feel the need to convert PNG to BMP? The inconvenience of downloading the apps that take up space on your cellphone should be avoided. Additionally, stop it right now if you're considering investing in pricey software or trying to find a workable approach to update your document. The greatest image converter is what we have brought for you. You may use this converter to convert PNG images to popular file types like BMP.

    A useful web tool is a free  PNG file converter. You have the option to convert numerous pictures at once. Additionally, you are free to convert images as frequently as you like. 

    Completely easy to use

    PNG to BMP converter is quite easy to use. You don't need to search for the option to perform image conversions. It is easy to learn how to use this tool even if you have no previous experience using tools. You can convert a PNG file to BMP 24 bits images. For your convenience in converting PNG images to BMP, here are the easy steps to follow;

    Step 1. Upload the PNG file on the converter

         ●   Open the PNG to BMP online converter on your device

         ●   Click on the centre “Upload the photo”

         ●   Choose the image from your device 

         ●   Drag it into the converter

    Step 2. Choose the format

         ●   From the list of all the major formats choose the BMP file format 

    Step 3. Convert ad download

         ●   Here is the last step, once you made the ready to convert hit the option “Convert and download”

         ●   In a few seconds, one image starts converting and downloading on the device. 

    This online converter offers the following benefits

    There are many image converting tools but this PNG file format to BMP online converter provides exceptional benefits to the users for free. Some of the major benefits are there:

    Convert unlimited PNG images

    This converter allows for unlimited file conversion. The majority of photos can also be converted at once. You can be confident that this converter won't reduce the image's quality. With this tool, you do not need to download additional tools for various file conversions.

    Free to use

    To create a PNG to BMP transparent file, this tool is free. Therefore, you no longer need to install or download pricey software or applications. Furthermore, if you have this converter, there's no need to spend money on pointless editing tools. Use these tools right away to take advantage of the free image conversion.

    Do online conversions

    This converter is available online. Additionally, you can stay in your browser. Simply open a new tab and use this converter. All you need for the seamless conversion of photographs is a strong internet connection.

    Backed by 100% safety

    This converter from PNG to BMP is completely secure and safe. All that can view your file is you. Your image cannot be taken by another user or deleted from our image converter. The user and converter of this image converter are both protected by end-to-end encryption.