How do I Convert Animated GIF to PNG?

    Converting animated gifs to PNG is not a big deal if you do the conversion using a reliable tool. Many people do not know they can convert the animated GIF to PNG file format. Some devices do not show the exact file results. Therefore, they need to replace it. Png is the new format and better than Gif. It supports more colors and is free of patent restriction. In cases where you require an animation file in the image form, you can convert it into a png file format for better results. 

    For these conversions, many tools and websites provide service. However, you probably have no time to find those trusted tools and sites. You can easily convert your animated GIF to PNG by using this method. If you do not want to indulge in the lengthy procedure and wait for hours to convert and download your file, use this online free converter. It easily converts the animated gif files into png file format without wasting your time.

    Convert Gif to png using the best online tool

    Online Gif to png converter is one the best tools for unlimited file conversion. This tool is straightforward to use and generates expected results. You can make unlimited file conversions for free. It converts the gif file to png merely in seconds. Thus, you can rely on this tool if you are pressed for time to complete your project. Unlike other converting tools, this tool does not frustrate the users by taking so much for the download process.

    It has user-friendly inference that a person without idea about file conversion can easily use it. Your png file will be ready on your device, once you follow the instructions on the screen. 

    Follow the simple steps for Gif to online png conversions.

    The conversion process is so easy. In order to make it easier for you, we have divided the entire converting procedure into steps. If you follow each step properly, you can make a smooth conversion. 

    Step 1. Upload the animated gif file

    Open your device. Choose the animated Gif file from your device or drive and drop it into the online converter. 

    Step 2. Pick the PNG format

    In the list below the converter, pick the png format carefully. 

    Step 3. Tap on the convert option and download

    Your file will start converting when you press the convert and download option. This converter automatically downloads the file to your device, so you do not need to use another tool for downloading. 

    When the png files download on your device, you can share and save the file for future use. 

    Quick conversion 

    Now convert animated GIF to PNG in merely seconds! If you are looking to convert an animated gif file to the ideal png format for better colors in no time, use this quick tool. This tool is the right pick to avoid all your hassle and worries by sharing your file in the converted format before the due date. Getting the file on your device is as easy as downloading and converting it. You can therefore get the results within a few seconds without waiting any further. 

    Safe and secure with 100% guarantee

    Many people avoid using tools because of safety concerns. This tool is end-to-end encrypted with the user and allows no third person to access or steal the content. This tool has many uses who pass positive reviews about its safe converting procedure. So, you can sit and relax while converting your animated gif file. This security tool allows you to convert any type of data.

    Unlimited Gif to png conversions for free

    This converter is not limited to just one or two file conversions. Sometimes users may need to convert multiple files at a time. If you find no other converter, use these tools in this situation. Convert unlimited GIFs to animated png with this online converter. You can use this tool for free if you are looking for a tool to convert more than one gif animated file. Moreover, it requires no hidden cost that may frustrate the user. 

    No need for any installation and download process is required.

    Neither software nor extensions are required to access this tool. This tool has its server, which works on all common IOS and iPhone devices. You just need to open your browser without leaving your activity and use this tool. In no time, your file will be converted into the png format.