Difference Between GIF and PDF 

    Every file format has different quality as well as size. So, it is very very important to consider the best type of file format that is according to your file needs. In this article, you will know the difference between gif and pdf files as well as the advantages of converting GIF to PDF

    What is GIF

    Graphics Interchange Format is referred to as GIF. GIF is a raster file format made for simple images that are primarily found online. Each file can support 256 indexed colours and up to 8 bits per pixel. Additionally, basic animations can be made with GIF files by combining images or frames.These.gif-encoded files can be opened in a variety of software programmes.

    Additional Gif Types


    The most common type of GIF that you're probably familiar with is a GIF. it contains short video content clips.

    Animation base

    The animated gif is similar to video-based images. Many brands and companies use animated base gifs to express their content in short gifs.

    GIF stickers

    It is just like ordinary stickers that are used to convey the message. 

    What is a PDF?

    It is the portable document format that is the most popular file format which we use today. The term "PDF" stands for "Portable Document Format”. It is a method of displaying documents electronically regardless of the software, hardware, or operating system being used to view them.

    Difference in quality


    The original image has been perfectly replicated in the GIF. As long as the image has no more than 256 colours and contains sizable regions of uniform colour. GIF can produce flawless copies at high compression.

    PDF file

    PDF files act as a copy of your image because they recreate the original design or photograph exactly. The certainty that your graph, picture, or document will display correctly and unaltered across devices makes PDF files perfect for file sharing. That's why it will be best to convert gif to pdf online to get the best quality file results.

    Difference in size


    Do you require a compact file? The GIF format's compression methods enable a significant reduction in the size of image files. GIF is a good animation file format. To make your file more convenient to use it will be best to convert animated GIF to PDF


    PDFs are frequently noticeably large. Firstly, because one or more fonts have been embedded and subset inside that particular PDF file, that's why PDFs can be oversized. In fact, adding a single font to a PDF document can increase the size of the file. 

    How do we convert gifs to pdf?

    Converting the file from gif to pdf is very easy. GIF files can now be easily converted to PDf format. You can use the JPG-PDF converter tool to convert GIF to PDF in the following simple steps:

    First step: Select the file

    To start the convert gif to pdf online first, select the file you would like to convert from your computer drive.

    Second step: Upload the file.

    Drag or drop the chosen image into the relevant box Then click the File converter button to begin the conversion process. Additionally, make sure everything is running smoothly.

    Third step: Download the file

    You can see how quickly gif to pdf converter online will convert your file. After that, you can view the file on your storage by clicking the download button to download it.

    Advantages of using JPG PDF Converter to convert file from gif to pdf 

    1. Graphical integrity: No matter what device, operating system, or software is used to view a file. Gif to pdf converter always displays the same content and layout.
    2. Multi-Dimensional: It is possible to organise all of these components as a report, a presentation, or a portfolio within a single PDF document.
    3. Convenient: Everyone can easily create, read, and use files.
    4. Quick conversion: This is the most effective online tool for PDF conversion. Because the quality, resolution, and format of these files are the best ones. These files are simple to download, save, and share.

    When to use GIF

    Gif is a great file format used to work with small graphics files such as banners and charts. It also uses excellent compression techniques. GIF is a small file size. It can give a 256-colour limit. Moreover, they have an advantage for fast-loading graphics. A GIF can also have transparency (but may leave a white outline on coloured backgrounds). Additionally, GIF images are perfect for creating brief animation. Because they keep animation frames and timing information in a single file. 

    Commonly use of GIF file 

    • Web animation 
    • Web graphics 
    • Simple icons 

    Conclusion: To use files more conveniently across systems, convert your gif files to pdf. Because many systems support pdf files instead of gif files. Additionally, pdf files are the best types of files for ease of use.