What is the Highest Quality Image File Format BMP or GIF?

    Both BMP and gif are the highest quality image file formats. These file formats are different   in such a way that one is a larger and uncompressed file. While gif is a smaller compressed file. BMP to GIF is easily convertible to each other file format.

    What is a BMP image file?

    Bmp file full form is a bitmap. It was designed in the 1990s for computer graphics. However, it was specially designed for the Microsoft operating system. Bitmap image files are of high quality. These image files are larger in size. On the other hand, they are uncompressed and lossless image files. It is a raster image graphic which means it is a two-dimensional image file format. Bmp files are fixed-sized image files. Bmp files do not support the animation motion images. It stores both colour and monochrome colour images. The image quality of BMP is 8-bit to 24-bit colours. As large files, BMP does not use compression. Bmp files do not have a transparent background.

    What is the GIF image file?

    Gif is the acronym of Graphic interchange file format. Gif was designed in 1987 by Steve Wilhite for online Compuserve services. The Gif file format supports the animation motion images. The gif image file size is small. That’s why Gifs are popularly used for displaying logos and graphics. Its quality is also high as it supports 8 bits per pixel. You can convert the original image into a perfect image file. Gif uses 256 colour indexes. Gifs are used on all photo programs. It is a lossless compression file. Image size reduces in gif without losing the image quality. Due to this reason, you cannot lose your data. As the gif uses 256 colour combinations, the colour of the image does not lose.

    Difference between BMP and GIF image file:

    To know about the both bmp and gif image file quality. Look at the difference between these files. As both image files are of high quality in their respective manner. However, there are  differences between both files that make them unique in their usage. The size of the bmp file is fixed. 

    While gif file size is not fixed. It depends on the depth of colour, content of image and frame numbers. It means that gif image files can resize. Furthermore, bmp files have graphic data. Gif files have graphics, logos and animation. Due to the animation property of gif files, they are widely popular on social media.

    Animation image files are those files that support the motion picture in two dimensions. Despite the fact that gif files are old files, they are still the most favoured files on social media platforms. Bmp files are independent free files used on microsoft windows and operating systems. These image files do not support lossless compression data. However, gif image files support lossless compression with limited colour patterns. Comparatively, the size of the gif image file is smaller than the bmp files. Also gif files are not suitable for professional photography.

    Which image file is of better quality?

    Gif and Bmp are both high-quality image files. Bmp is preferable for Microsoft version programs. While gif is a high-quality image widely used for social media apps. Comparatively, BMP is a high-quality file for computers and laptops. While gif is for social media apps and for animation image files. It is on the requirement of the device which file format it asks for. In addition, BMP is not an animation-supported file format. To get the animation file change BMP to gif animation. Bmp stores and displays high-quality images. Gif is an animation file as it supports the motion picture.

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    Convert all file formats with this online tool jpg pdf converter. Often users do not rely on freely available websites. But the jpg pdf converter is a high-quality free online tool. There are tens of all kinds of file formats. However, you can convert bmp to gif and also do the reverse of it. Bmp and gif both are high-quality image files. Bmp  is an old file and largely supports the Microsoft version. While the other one is a gif which is also an old designed quality image file, which is popularly used on all social media apps.