What is the Best Image File Format?

    Choosing the right image file type is a trivial decision. Images are an integral part of online business and should be perfect. If they are not excellent and correct, then the website content looks not eye-catching. Images play a vital role in making your websites exciting to see. Most people use photos for their online content, and only 5% of people do not use them. To make the images view perfect, you should use the right and perfect file formats. Various formats are available, from JPEG, GIF, TIF, RAW, PSD, and PNG to SVG. So, you must select the correct file format for your image to make it look the best. 

    This article will give you complete details about the best file formats. You can choose any file format from a variety of options according to your requirements. Let's take a look at these image file formats one by one. 

    Types Of File Formats 

    There are two types of file formats, such as raster and vector file formats. The raster file formats consist of JPEG, GIF, RAW, TIFF, and PNG. 

    These are the file formats that are commonly used for your images. You can select any of them for your images to make them look better. In fact, you can also convert SVG to PNG to give your photo an outclass appearance for online web content. 

    Let's have a look at these file formats one by one. 

    Raster Images File Formats 

    Raster-type images consist of a set of dots which are known as pixels. These pixels are assigned colors. So, when you transform your raster image into another format, they show blurry images. Due to this, your photo content looks not good. Instead of grabbing others' attention, it will make them uninterested in your content. That's why you should be careful while transforming your raster images from one format to another. 

    You can use raster images for a variety of purposes, which are:

    • Photographs 

    • Digital artwork 

    • Web content 

    • Banners 

    • Ads 

    You can use a variety of file formats for raster images like JPEG, GIF, RAW, and PNG. Check out these formats one by one in detail. 

    JPEG File Format 

    Use JPEG file format for artwork, online photos, and quick preview images. It is one of the most common in-use file formats. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Groups. It usually increases the pixels of images because of their high compression activity. Furthermore, you can decrease your image size with this JPEG format because of the sliding scale of compression. The image quality remains the same even after the significant size reduction. 

    GIF Format 

    GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. You can use it to make web animations and memes. Moreover, you can also use it to make your social media banners and ads. Because of their high compressibility property, you can also reduce your file size with these GIF formats. Use them and make others happy with your memes. 

    RAW File Format 

    RAW file formats consist of two types of files such as processed and unprocessed. Hence, you can achieve high-quality image photos with any photo editor like Photoshop. The raw format usually contains unprocessed data taken by a digital camera. 

    After that, images are then processed and compressed. Lastly, they are converted into another format like JPEG, TIFF, Convert free PNG to SVG. It's up to you what you like and what you need. Basically, people use this RAW format for shooting and editing their photos. 

    PNG File Format 

    PNF stands for Portable Graphics Network. It is one of the most common in-use file formats for online images. Thus, it displays colors in depth. So, using this format will only benefit you. You can use this PNG file format for web graphics. Moreover, if you need limited colors, you can go for a PNG-type format. 

    You can convert your file format from SVG To PNG Online with the help of various websites like JPG-PDF converter. These websites help you to maintain your image quality even after size reduction. Trust them and get high-quality or pixelated content for your ads, banners, and social media posts. 

    TIFF File Format 

    Another raster image format is the TIFF file format. You can use it for your desktop publishing and photographs. You can also use TIFF files as a container for your JPEG files, which are small in size. But, the TIFF files are larger in size. Due to this, you can also prefer other file formats, from JPEG and PNG to SVG

    Use TIFF file formats for your high-quality print graphics and scans. It will give your photos an original look. So, they do not cause any blurry effect on your high-resolution images. 

    Wrap Up!

    We go through not all but specific types of file formats that are readily available online. Moreover, they also help you maintain the quality of your image even after reducing the size of the image. There are a variety of formats available other than PNG to SVG, like PDF, EPS, and AI. 

    You can also convert PNG to SVG free online with the help of various tools. Do use them and reduce your image size by maintaining image quality.