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  • Easily convert your BMP file into PNG file format

    Are you looking for the best tool to convert BMP to png file format? Here is the right tool for you.

    Our best online BMP to PNG converter free converts the image into Png format by selecting various filters. Moreover, this converter allows its users to alter their images by applying digital effects.

    Our BMP to PNG converter completely alters your image and makes it able to support transparency in browsers. You can completely convert your images quickly and easily with our free image converter.

    Make your BMP files transparent and fade by converting them into png format with our JPG PDF Converter!

    What is the PNG file format?

    PNG stands for portable network graphics. It is a raster-graphic file format that supports lossless file compression. This file format is popularly used in internet graphics for transparency support.

    Just like GIF and JPG, PNG format supports 8 bits and 24 bits colours.

    What is the BMP file format?

    Bitmap images are stored in Bmp files. Bitmap files, on the other hand, allow you to save just bitmap pictures. Furthermore, it is a standard picture file format that was used to display images early in computer graphics. This file format contains images, videos, gifs and animated files. These are large in size that’s why it is important to convert bmp to png file format. 

    Why do you need to convert BMP files into PNG file format?

    Bmp photos have huge, high-quality, and raw file formats. Because of this, these are preferable for editing. However, because of the excellent quality and big size of BMP files, they may not be supported by other devices when transferred. When you need your compressed and lossless image with an editable setting, you must try to convert BMP to png file by using our tool.

    How can you convert BMP files to PNG file format with our converter?

    Step1. Select a BMP file

    ● Select the file from your device that you need to convert into PNG format.

    ● Drag the image into the PNG converter

    Step2. Upload the file into the converter

    After uploading the file into the converter, edit the file

    ● Decide the image quality. Because the better the quality the larger the file will be.

    ● Change the image size

    ● Apply colour filter to alter the image

    ● After editing the image press convert.

    Your image will be converted into a PNG file format.

    Step3. Download the file

    ● Download the image from the converter.

    ● Save the convert file in your device.

    You can also share your file directly from the PNG converter.

    Features of our free BMP to PNG converter;

    ● REMOVE THE BACKGROUND- You can remove or change the background of an image with a perfect cutout.

    ● USE THE TEMPLATES- you can edit images and create interesting designs with available templates

    ● ADD BACKGROUND- You can place your picture on white or coloured background by choosing your design. There is another advanced option in our converter that we offer the bmp to png transparent background feature.

    ● CONTROL SHADOWS- You can control the shadows on your image in a bmp file to png  when you want to make it real.

    ● APPLY FILTERS- You can apply different filters to your image to alter its appearance.

    Our free BMP to PNG converter is;

    1. Completely safe and authentic

    Our PNG converter is completely safe from any unauthorized use. Our free online Bmp to PNG Batch Converter provides end-to-end encryption between its user and tool.

    Except for the user, no other person can access the file. Moreover, all the data remains safe during the conversion process.

    2. High-quality conversion rate

    Without losing the quality our high-quality BMP to PNG converter converts the file easily. But, compress the image size and make it viewable on all devices.

    3. Convert multiple images at a time

    This PNG to BMP tool converts multiple images at one time without losing image quality. The size of the file does not matter in batch convert BMP to png files.

    If you are looking for a high-quality BMP to PNG converter, look no further. Download this app no

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