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    Our site allows you to convert jpg to png files free of cost. If you want a quality end product, this is the best option. It takes seconds for the user to upload the desired JPG to png online converter and our software will quickly do the job for you. 

    What is JPG?

    JPG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is the most popular digital image and graphics format. It contains compressed data with a ratio of 10:1. JPG only stores the important details of the images and is very compact. Its small size allows it to store thousands of images in limited memory. 

    The uses 

    JPG allows easy transfer and download across the internet so these compressed files are very useful for a lot of purposes. Bitmaps are often saved in this format because of their size. It is also used for editing and printing. 

    What is PNG?

    PNG or Portable Network Graphic is the most common file format for uncompressed images. It is an open format with no copyrights and uses lossless compression. This essentially means that the quality of your image will not deteriorate when the file is opened and saved again. PNG supports 3 different types of images: color image, color indexed image, and grayscale image. It can contain up to 24bit PGB color palettes, increasing the quality of the image even more by convert jpg to png file.

    The uses

    Our JPG PDF Converter is very helpful to convert jpg to png transparent background, digital images, and web graphics. It displays higher quality images than the other formats and has a broader color palette too. It is great for line drawings, iconic graphics, and text. 

    Essentially the difference between these two is that JPG is smaller and has a lower image quality. If you need smaller files, this format is the one you should use. But if you cannot compromise on quality, PNG is the way to go.  Ask yourself the questions such as where you want to use this image and what type of image is it? Our jpg to png transparent converting option gives the best image format.

    Online converter

    If you want to enhance or convert jpg to png files, you have come to the right place! With just a click you get the best results for your next upload on the internet. 

    How to convert files by using this efficient converter

    Step 1 (upload the JPG file/s) 

    Choose the file you want converted from your Google drive, computer, URL, or Dropbox. 

    Step 2 (select conversion format)

    Select the conversion option from our jpg to png converter online tool. You can not only convert your file you can also make changes with the images by using the option of convert jpg to png transparent feature.

    Step 3 (download the PNG file)

    It takes seconds for our site to convert your JPG file to PNG. Once it is converted, click on the download icon and get the quality file completely free of cost! 

    Our site has thousands of users doing the different conversions such as PNG to JPG every day. The conversion system is very efficient. Now you don’t need to download different apps for conversion. There has never been an easier way to convert jpg to png file with our tool.

    The best part of jpgpdfconverter is that you get a flawless result without paying a single cent. So easy and quick! 

    Check out the other conversion options too and make your life easier in no time.

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