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    JPGPDFconverter has the most efficient methods of conversion on the internet. People from all over the world use our png to gif converter every day. All conversions are available on the site and it takes seconds to convert png to gif  files. 

    PNG was originally made for the sole purpose of replacing JPG. It was created to give better colored and higher quality images. It  is possible to convert png to gif file with our high-quality conversion tool. 

    What is PNG all about

    PNG is called ping, storing bitmapped images. PNG uses lossless compression and indexed colors for better performance of an image. The difference is that you cant edit a PNG to an animation. Because of this, GIF enjoys higher popularity as it is used to share funny cat memes.

    PNG features

    PNG files have an 8-bit transparency channel that allows images to change from opaque to transparent. On the other hand, .gif allows only one form to exist, either opaque or transparent pixels. It just depends on what you need from the file. 

    PNG was made to the transfer images on the internet and does not support color spaces like CMYK. This format supports 24-bit RGB colors. They are great for greyscale and PBG images. 

    Defining GIF and its features

    Gifs can be useful in a multitude of ways. This format has 8 bits per pixel so it gives 256 different colors. Just like PNG, it also uses lossless compression and produces quality results even after decreasing the file size. 

    GIFs can hold maximum of 256 colors to a minimum of 2 colors, black and white. The biggest advantage of the gif format is the availability of animations. 

    Why convert to gif?

    Wherever you go on the internet, you will find exciting gifs. They have conquered the world. They are very easy to make and easy conversion of the animated png to gif is possible with the help of our outstanding free online tool. 

    It has never been easier to get the best quality png to gif animation format. People usually pay attention to animations more than photos and it works wonders for websites and businesses. 

    It is a good idea to change your image formats to gifs as they are trending everywhere. GIFs also have great quality and look very appealing. It's compatible with all the platforms. 

    The opposite conversion of GIF to PNG is also possible, the conversions are flexible according to your needs.

    It is so simple to convert your documents! Our JPG PDF Converter does the whole work for you. Here are some easy steps you have to take:

    1. Select the PNG image file you want to convert

    2. From the different conversion options, choose PNG to GIF conversion.. 

    3. Click on the conversion bottom, wait for it to convert, and download the new file from our website. You can easily use the png to gif download files.

    JPGPDFconverter makes lives easier for thousands of people online. You don’t have to buy expensive software when you can achieve the same results when you can convert the png to gif files free of cost.

    You can make unlimited conversions by using our png to gif tool without registration! Take away the hassle from your work and get moving!

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