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    What is SVG?

    SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. This file format is based on XML vector images that support animations and digital graphics. In contrast with other file formats, SVG files are smaller in size and can be resized without losing quality.

    What is a GIF?

    According to the research, gif stands for graphical interchange format. Gif is a raster file format that is designed to show basic images and animations on the internet. Gif files support 8 bits per pixel. Moreover, it contains 256 index colours. Gif allows its user to combine images to make them animated.

    Why do you need to convert SVG to GIF file format?

    Because of vector file format, small size image and having no pixel, SVG files are not supported on some devices. And, sometimes when you save an  SVG to Gif Animation image, you need images to be animated. Converting the images into Gif file format is the best way to make them viewable and animated.

    Convert SVG images to GIFs by using this free JPG to PDF converter

    This free online Convert Animated SVG to Gif supports converting other files such as graphic videos, audios, files, documents and ebooks etc.

    Here is the procedure to convert SVG files to GIF file format;

    Step1. Select the image from your device

    Step2. Drag the Convert SVG to Gif into the JPG PDF Converter

    Step3. Adjust the file size according to your requirement

    Step4. Edit the file as much as you want

    Step5. Convert the file

    Step6. Download the file.

    Convert the SVG animated images to GIF;

    However, if you need to convert the SVG image into an animated file, follow this procedure;

    Step1. Upload the animated SVG file from your device.

    Step2. Launch the screen to SVG to GIF converter.

    Step3. Stop the conertion

    Step4. Download the file

    Benefits of using the JPG to PDF converter

    ● Quick and easy conversion

    ● Your file will be completely protected

    ● Simple annotation mode

    ● Saves time and money

    ● Completely free to use

    ● Add additional document

    ● Combine more than two images

    You will get a lot of benefits by using the free online jpg to pdf tool. This converter allows speed, accuracy and collaboration. Moreover, this converter is flexible and straightforward to use and makes your life easy and more efficient.

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